I just loved this book. Such a great read. It really speaks to women of all ages but especially those in thier 30’s and beyond. What a great surprise from a new author!
— Ely Pouget, actor & producer – CSI, The Mentalist, The 3Tails Movie: A Mermaid Adventure
Who can resist a book about a book club where the members refer to themselves as “Muffs”? Meet Madeleine Scott-Crane, a savvy 42-year old single mom and mediator as she and her six friends take their monthly meetings to an unconventional—and often shocking level. Nicholas’s romp through suburban Los Angeles is sexy, edgy and laugh-out loud funny. With a few of life’s lessons thrown in along the way, The Muffia is smart, sassy and simply irresistible—just like her heroine. A must-read.
— Hannah Dennison of The Honeychurch Hall Mysteries & The Vicky Hill Mysteries