Costly, coddled canines are going missing all over the Southland. Sarah, a baking whiz and member of LA’s most dynamic women’s book club, The Muffia, is a soon-to-be single mom who’s about to get foreclosed upon thanks to her philandering ex-husband. Her son, Nathaniel, is being bullied at science camp, his Ls sound like Ws and the only movie he’ll watch is The Princess Bride. No wonder she’s having trouble getting through the muffs’ latest read. Sarah launches a plan to save her house while building a baking goods empire, and before too long, things start looking up—her cookies are a hit, Nathaniel’s Ls are improving and she meets a handsome widower who makes her feel sexy for the first time in years. But when she foils a plot to steal the family’s adopted French Bulldog and Muff Lauren’s Boston Terriers go missing in the middle of her Labor Day barbecue, it’s time for The Muffia to mobilize. With the assistance of a Palm Springs Magic Men Live! aficionado, a vengeful Pug owner and three Bichon Frises, the muffs set out to nab the nappers, and discover dog thieves come in surprising guises.

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