Muffia book club member and celebrity talent agent, Quinn Cunningham, is returning from business in Japan when she sees her fellow Muff’s former Israeli lover who’s supposed to be dead. Back in LA, the Muffs agree Udi’s alive but it’s too dangerous to investigate. Quinn’s resolution to become a better person—to dump her married lover, commence online dating and resume pole dancing (for exercise only, please!) hits a roadblock when her boss, Jamie, confronts her with compromising photos and threatens to fire her. Now Quinn must find out who’s trying to sabotage her. She focuses on Jamie’s lesbian Moldovan lover, urged on by former Seal Team member and borrowed, by-the-book private investigator named Frank Sexton. While her fellow Muffs are busy with next-door neighbors shooting porn, plastic surgery concealment, cougar-like antics and planning a swanky benefit for Alzheimer’s Disease, Quinn finds herself falling for Frank. And as the eve of the benefit arrives, her deepest wishes just might come true.

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